Results that will make both you and your patients smile.


Dentures & Partials

We create dentures that are not only functional, but also comfortable and beautiful. We offer a range of Denture options to suit a patient’s needs and budget.


We fabricate hybrid bars, as well as overdenture sub-structures to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

TMJ / Bruxism Devices

We make guards to protect against damage caused by teeth grinding and clenching.

Relines & Repairs

Over time dentures will wear down and/or break, making them uncomfortable and maybe even unwearable. We offer same and next day options* for Relines and Repairs so your patients can get back to smiling quickly.

*Note: same and next day is only available for local business.

Price List & Procedure Schedule

Click the button below for a downloadable list of our services. Please note that Implant cases are quoted on an individual basis due to varying design options and needs. For services not included in this basic list, please call for an estimate of cost and time in the lab.


Carlos A. Polo, DDS. MS.

Dental Solutions of Winter Haven

“I have used Don Hebert’s dental laboratory services for the last 10 years and there is a reason I would not send my removable prosthetic work anywhere else. Every day in my practice we rely on Don’s abilities, superior talent and understanding of high quality removable and fixed acrylic dental work. He has exceptional customer service. He listens and he has remarkable understanding of what we ask of him matched with incomparable skills. They are an indispensable part of my practice. The team at Phoenix Dental Designs understand what my needs are as a Prosthodontist and they always deliver what I communicate to them. If you want excellent, predictable and on time service for quality removable prostheses and/or removable or fixed implant protheses you can count on Phoenix Dental Designs.”

Not local? No problem! Contact us to learn how we can work together.